A Guide to Luxury Campervan Travel in New Zealand


Luxury travel is one of life's pleasures. Once you experience it, it's hard to go back! The good news is that luxury experiences are no longer limited to 5-star resorts, private jets, exotic countries and far-off places. If you're looking for a travel alternative that allows you to maintain your creature comforts while also offering the freedom to control your holiday destiny, a luxury campervan trip around New Zealand can tick all your boxes. Luxury campervans offer up space, comfort and time, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your getaway with very little stress.

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Let us show you why a campervan is key to your luxury New Zealand holiday and offer up some ideas about how to make your break one-of-a-kind.

What makes a campervan a luxurious way to travel?

Life in a campervan is a life that you're in control of; you decide where you'll go, when you'll get there, how long you stay for and what you'll do. Enjoy the luxury of freedom and time that a campervan trip offers you as you explore your bucket-list locations. Want to park up and watch the sunset with a bottle of wine? Go for it! Loved one of New Zealand's hidden gems so much that you want to stay longer? That's your choice.

Beyond the luxuries of freedom and time, a campervan offers plenty of other benefits too.

Plenty of storage space

You'll find great storage onboard, so whether you choose to bring along your home comforts like your favourite slippers or you want to bring along specialist gear like your set of golf clubs. You'll find room for all of it. Don't forget to leave some space for any shopping you do on the way. Between boutique shops and cellar doors, you might need extra space for the goodies you pick up along the way.

Comfort as you take in the sights

While you're on the road, you'll be able to relax in comfortable seats and enjoy the journey as much as the destination in a campervan. With New Zealand offering up everything from sandy beaches to rugged mountains, lush forests and expansive plains, you'll be able to soak up the panoramic views with plenty of windows and ambient light in your campervan.

Room to spread out

Whether you're stopping for a break or you're setting up for the night, you'll also find plenty of living space in your campervan. Unlike long-distance travel by car, where space is at a premium, a Maui campervan offers up the luxury of room to relax, unwind, host guests or simply chill out with a good book, a bottle of wine or even a film. If you want to extend your living and dining space, just move outside!

Everything you need on the road

Onboard, you'll find everything at your fingertips. With a fully equipped kitchen, and an onboard toilet and shower, you won't need to share facilities with anyone else, even if you choose to stay at a campsite with all the facilities.

A campsite might not sound luxurious, but you may be surprised and delighted by the phenomenal views and handy locations you find yourself in. Plus, you'll be able to rest easy knowing you're staying dry and warm, which some of your fellow campers may not always benefit from in their tents.

Speaking of resting easy, you can make the most of the linen exchange so that you can spend your holiday relaxing, rather than worrying about laundry! And if you have anything else bothering you, your Maui campervan allows you support 24/7; just get in touch.

Why take a luxury campervan holiday?

You can be sure of a modern motorhome, with maui motorhomes having been on fleet for a maximum of two and a half years. If you are looking for something even newer, opt for the maui Elite option where you are guaranteed to receive a motorhome under one year on the fleet. All maui campers offer a safe, modern and comfortable place to rest your head and get you between Kiwi hotspots.

The cost of luxury hotel suites, resort stays, and long-distance travel can add up, and that can mean that your luxury holiday needs to be kept shorter than you'd ideally like. By choosing a luxury campervan holiday, you can stay a little longer, explore a little further and really make the most of taking a break.

Without the stress and restraints of check-ins, check-outs, flight delays and more, you can really take your time and enjoy the flexibility that campervan travel affords. Flexibility like choosing where you stop, and where you stay. No need to worry about overcrowded resorts or packed restaurants - if you want complete privacy New Zealand even offers the chance to freedom camp, where you can park up for the evening and enjoy your own space. Imagine waking up to the best remote views or being first in line for popular spots because you could stay so close.

When should you take a luxury holiday?

Luxury holidays aren't just for the rich and the famous! A luxury holiday is a perfect way to celebrate something like a honeymoon or retirement, take a break from work, or spend quality time with someone special without the distractions of everyday life.

You can make your luxury holiday perfect for you. Be it a romantic getaway with plenty of privacy or a rejuvenating trip back to nature, by timing your luxury holiday with the off-peak season you'll enjoy quieter roads, fewer noisy neighbours and sometimes even more affordable activities and events. The off-peak season usually aligns with term-time at school and avoids the hottest and coldest weather patterns.


What's included in your Maui motorhome rental?

A basic motorhome rental will offer a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of equipment, a fridge and sink, a toilet and shower, a dinette (or table), plus beds (often referred to as berths) and storage.

Your Maui motorhome will include all these basics, but often to a higher spec. You'll find more modern appliances, newer bedding, hot and cold pressurised water, gas stove and microwave, entertainment options like flatscreen tv and dvd players. The design and fit-out of luxury campervans has you in mind and is set up to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Some models may also include additional features to improve your trip. Features like reversing cameras, personal safes, solar power and external storage lockers all offer an added touch of luxury and ease to your trip.

Aside from all the modern conveniences, luxury motorhomes are a pleasure to drive. With a well-thought out design both inside and outside, your campervan is easy to get on the road and comfortable for both those behind the wheel and those simply enjoying the ride.

What to bring on a luxury campervan holiday

Don't skim on packing your favourite things. Your motorhome will have plenty of storage space, so bring along all your creature comforts.

For the bathroom: without worrying about the size limits on a plane, you can bring all the skincare, makeup and toiletries you like. You won't have to lug them around either. With your self-contained toilet and shower, you'll have everything at hand when and where you need it.

To keep you busy: bring along the things that allow you to enjoy your downtime. That could be technology that enables you to listen to music or watch films, or it could be your favourite craft or a book you've meant to read.

Hobbies: If you have specialist hobbies, like mountain biking, skiing or golf, bring along your gear. You'll have plenty of chances to use them as you travel around New Zealand by road.

Something yummy: Pack your favourite tipple for cocktails under the stars, or bring along any treats or diet staples that keep you feeling good. You'll be able to top up along the way with plenty of artisan bakeries, butcheries, markets and more along the way.

The things that make it feel homely: While you'll find linen in your campervan, bringing along your own blanket, pillow, slippers, and other cosy items will help you feel right at home.


Places to stop on luxury holidays

Explore New Zealand regions like Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Marlborough, and Otago to sample a range of wines and spirits. Take a tour, do a tasting, stop at a cellar door and pair wine with locally sourced foods. Bliss.

Take some time out to relax at a spa or wellness centre on your journey. Enjoy a massage, a spa treatment or a full day spa experience at some of New Zealand's best spas.

Enjoy a relaxing dip in natural spring water at one of New Zealand's many hot pools. Soak up the scenery while you soak up natural minerals in these pools heated by thermal activity.

Treat yourself to plenty of tasty treats at top-rated restaurants and bars and enjoy the best food NZ has to offer, from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Hit some balls at the best golf courses in NZ, or indulge in other sporting hobbies along your journey.

Take an exclusive luxury day tour that’s unique, like a paua farm tour, movie set tours or Helitours of remote mountain ranges.

Explore NZ for your next luxury holiday with Maui. Book now.