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6 Aug 2021


10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit During Spring In NZ

Springtime in New Zealand is all about leaping lambs, delicate daffodils, newly-created waterfalls and sun-kissed cheeks. The weather is improving, the snow is melting, the days are getting longer, and Kiwis across the country are emerging from a few cold and dark months. While there are a few visitors to the country, it's not as busy as the peak Summer and Winter travel, making spring an ideal time for a campervan holiday.

Let us share our hot tips for your next New Zealand campervan holiday and our campervanner-approved recommendations for ten beautiful spots to visit in spring.

1 Jul 2021


10 Reasons to visit New Zealand in 2021

With the Trans-Tasman bubble now open, New Zealand is waiting to welcome back our mates from across the ditch, and we hope it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world can come and visit.

We can’t believe you really need convincing, but in case you do, here are 10 reasons why you should plan a New Zealand road trip in 2021.

28 May 2021


Everything you need to know about motorhome camping grounds in NZ

Whether you are a kiwi hitting the road looking to explore more of the country or you are planning an adventure from overseas, you will find an abundance of impressive motorhome campsites here in New Zealand.

Renowned for their spacious, beautifully kept and well equipped facilities, campervan campsites in New Zealand have something for every kind of traveller, whether you want family fun or a peaceful escape.

Before you take your pick of beautiful locations to visit, here is everything you need to know about New Zealand camp sites.

11 Sep 2020


Tips For Travelling With Kids

There's no better place for the kids to grow up than outside. Embracing freedom, exploring nature and learning about the world. It's what every parent wants for their kids, but living in a city or town, it can be difficult to provide. Well, imagine jumping into a motorhome and being able to escape to a secluded spot to enjoy some family time, sipping a glass of wine whilst the kids play in the great outdoors. To make sure it's as idyllic as it sounds, here's a few tips on how to travel by motorhome with kids.

14 Aug 2020


How To Choose The Right Motorhome

​​​​​​Planning your motorhome holiday but not sure what you're looking for? There are lots of factors you need to take into account when choosing your vehicle, check out our tips to choosing your perfect campervan!

8 Oct 2019


Rach Stewart tours the South Island in a maui Ultima

Rach Stewart, a kiwi landscape travel and adventure photographer recently picked up one of our maui Ultima motorhomes from our Christchurch branch and embarked on a 5-day trip heading South to Queenstown. Rach gets inspired by landscapes and loves to travel to new places, exploring the unknown and finding the all-important elements that connect humans with nature. This time Rach wanted to visit places she had never been before, documenting her experiences along the way with her stunning photography skills. Read about her trip below.

6 May 2019


Why travel New Zealand during off-season

It's widely accepted that if you are looking for cheaper travel options, the best time to rent or hire is in the off-season. When travelling in New Zealand throughout the off-season, it’s often possible to grab interesting deals thanks to discounted off-peak prices. In reality, there is extensive vehicle availability for off-peak travel options, due to the slow-down that usually happens after peak season. The only question is, where in the wild blue yonder will you go?

26 Oct 2018


Girls Weekend Motorhome Getaway

"It’s hard to imagine a better way to get together for a girls’ weekend than taking a road trip to a great destination. Bypass the hotel and jump in a Maui motorhome for your next luxurious girls’ weekend away."  Peta Stavelli tells us why girls long weekend motorhome trips are soaring in popularity, and why you need to take one.

12 Sep 2018


Rach Stewart Explores South Island

South Island Motorhome Road Trip

Rach Stewart, a kiwi landscape photographer recently picked up one of our maui River motorhomes and embarked on a trip through South Island. With a passion for landscapes, combined with a love to travel to new places, Rach set about exploring a combination of South Island's most popular locations and a few lesser-known gems, documenting her experiences along the way her stunning photography skills. Here's her story.

26 Aug 2018


Motorhoming In Spring

There’s nothing quite like making a fresh start, and spring is the perfect time to hit the road in search of rejuvenation and adventure.

And what better place to experience the striking onset of spring than New Zealand, a country literally bursting with colours and flavour from September to November, when its flora and fauna reawaken after the sleepy winter months.