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Design & Build Motorhomes

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Design & Build Maui Campervans

Our robust design and production process give us the ability to continually innovate and ensure we deliver the best campervan holidays in the world. From our product concept phase to design to production, our core focus is delivering motorhomes that offer you exceptional comfort, space and style.

maui motorhomes has been been accepted into the Better By Design programme, a specialist group within New Zealand's national economic development agency. Their purpose is to help companies integrate design philosophies throughout the entire business. For maui these design philosophies are critical from customer service to our company culture and everything in between - and naturally our motorhome design.

We like the way Better By Design summarises the importance of design – “With so much choice available to customers, companies must ensure their products and services are meaningful and relevant. Design unlocks better business – better thinking, better approaches, and better customer connections”.

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Where it all begins

Our first step involves determining the goals we want to achieve with a new campervan design. A recent example is our Platinum series where the objective was to create interiors that optimise space, comfort and style with exquisite attention to detail - we really wanted this product experience to “wow” you, our customer.

We collect an enormous amount of feedback via customer surveys, staff, trade partners and suppliers before embarking on the design. When analysing the feedback being used to design the Platinum series, we found that simple things like making the bed assembly more intuitive would make a huge difference to people’s experience. We also found that storage was also another area that could be improved, so we designed massive exterior lockers that can store golf clubs, fishing rods or skis. Lots of people also said a larger fridge was needed for a camper sleeping 6 people. So we upsized the Platinum River fridge/freezer to a 140L model - and while we were at it we decided customers travelling in the Platinum Beach (sleeps up to 4) would benefit from that sized fridge too!

Conceptual Designs

Our talented design team then get on with what they do best, translating all the ideas and feedback collected into conceptual designs. They go one step further than CAD drawings, mocking up life sized models so we can literally walk through the concept camper. This is a critical exercise so the use of space and configuration can be assessed. There’s always lots of lively discussion and ideas about how the design can be enhanced. We also place huge importance on selecting the best chassis for our motorhomes to be built on. For the Platinum series we choose Mercedes and Volkswagen for their superior reliability and performance.

Detailed Specifications

The nitty gritty vehicle specifications are then worked through, continually checking that we are on track to meet our design brief objectives. We work with suppliers and external parties every step of the way. For the Platinum series we participated in the TAU energy efficiency scheme to establish where we could retain more heat particularly important for those travelling in the New Zealand winter. A series of scientific tests were run and the results showed us exactly what additional insulation we need to add to the luton area to optimise heat retention.

Prototype Production

Once the design is finalised, the team at the factory commence production of the first prototype. This vehicle is put through its paces with management, staff and customers taking the vehicle away so it can be used as it would be when you are on holiday. It’s a great test for robustness and to see if we can further enhance the layout, space or comfort. For the Platinum series prototype, we noticed many people commented that the luton peak area was too square and not high enough – so the team literally went back to the drawing board and rounded the corners and extended the headspace with very high ceilings. Aesthetics is also another important consideration - we want you to feel as if you are at home when you are travelling in one of our motorhomes. For the Platinum series we worked with an interior design company to develop a colour scheme. We think the warm neutral tones, wooden floors and real leather couches gives a feel more akin to an apartment than a traditional motorhome.

Full Production Line Manufacturing

After the design enhancements are completed and every detail has been evaluated based on the feedback gained at the prototype stage, our factory goes into full swing production at our purpose built factory in New Zealand. Manufacturing our campervans ourselves allows us to have design control over all our products and ensure that modern, sustainable manufacturing methods utilising state of the art technology are employed.