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Tips For Travelling With Kids


There's no better place for the kids to grow up than outside. Embracing freedom, exploring nature and learning about the world. It's what every parent wants for their kids, but living in a city or town, it can be difficult to provide. Well, imagine jumping into a motorhome and being able to escape to a secluded spot to enjoy some family time, sipping a glass of wine whilst the kids play in the great outdoors. To make sure it's as idyllic as it sounds, here's a few tips on how to travel by motorhome with kids.

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Top Tips For Family Motorhome Trips

  • Pack enough entertainment to keep them amused on the way there. Whilst infants and toddlers will be content with a handful of stuffed toys, cars or dolls and occasional food and drink to break the cycle, older kids will need more. Audiobooks and podcasts are great companions for school age kids, along with games/quizzes on a tablet. If you want to embrace the feeling of the roadtrip, a game spotto never goes amiss. 
  • Stop lots. With little concept of time, travelling can literally seem endless for kids. Make sure you stop often to let them get out and explore their surroundings, stretch their legs and let off some steam. In general, for your itinerary, you should plan to travel a maximum of two-three hours per day to allow the kids more time to enjoy exploring.
  • Give kids the option. At a destination, give the kids options of several activities instead of no direction whatsoever. For example if you're at a beach the options could be going snorkelling, or a boat tour. This will make them feel part of the holiday and mean they're most engaged on a day to day basis.
  • Don't overpack. Your motorhome comes with most things you need, so there's no need to bring the kitchen sink. Allow your kids a backpack of toys and entertainment (sized so they can carry it) and it'll be easier to keep track of all those bits and pieces as they're played with. A mix of outdoor and indoor toys works best for both travel and at campsites.
  • Eat differently. There's no need to eat out every night as your camper has a kitchen on board, but make it fun for the kids with picnics outside and selections of food you don't eat at home. No need to go gourmet, but local fresh grown produce is available year-round and tastes so much better than that bought in the supermarkets - plus it's a great opportunity to educate kids about where food actually comes from.
  • Get a motorhome with plenty of space. Kids love to roam and explore, so upsizing your motorhome can be a great idea to allow everyone the space they need to relax. Our 6 berth vehicles come with 3 beds, so with a family of 4, the kids will have their own space to sleep and play in. And most importantly you'll have your own space too.

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