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A short trip to Tasmania


Jake and his partner chose to have a short break in Tasmania - and what a relaxing adventure it turned out to be. Read more to find out how to make the most of your time in Tassie.

Words and images by Jake Ward, see more of his work here.


4-5 days


Hobart to Hobart


Best Time of the Year

summer or autumn


  • Amazing views
  • Wildlife
  • Cradle Mountain
  • Waking up with a new view 

The Journey


1 2 3 4

Day 1
Hobart to Port Arthur

Distance 101km - Driving Time 1 hour 330 mins

We were up bright and early to pick up our maui Ultima motorhome.

Then onto our first stop, MONA - The museum of old and new art is definitely worth a visit while your in Hobart. We managed to score some inside knowledge and got there as soon as it opened at 10am, to avoid the crowds of cruise ship attendees that were arriving just as we left at midday. Keeping in the theme of art and culture, we got on the road and made our way over to Port Arthur, an old English prison abundant with history. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the grounds, taking in all the stories of prisoners past and imagining what they would have been through. Back on the road we were. We made a pitstop near Dunalley Beach to take in the gorgeous sunset with a warm cup of tea. Once the sun said goodbye for the day, we carried on our journey up to where we’d call home for the night, Rocks & River campsite.

Day 2
Port Arthur to Davenport

Distance 340km - Driving Time 4 hours

Our aim was to wake up pre-sunrise for our wineglass bay walk, but with the long night drive and super strong winds dancing about outside, we chose the comfort of our warm, cosy bed. A little lay in and a nice hot shower got us up and ready for the day ahead.

We made a pit stop at Freycinet bakery for a little brekkie energy. Be warned, we were caught out the night before with no dinner. There are not a woolies on every corner like in Sydney, and restaurants tend to close pretty early. We chose to do the Wineglass Bay Lookout walk. It was relatively tame, and takes about an 1.5 hour return with extra time added if you’re stopping for photos like we did!

We headed back to the camper and spotted a couple of Wallaby’s in the car park, they were super friendly and super cute! We were making our way up to Bay Of Fires, when we were met with a traffic car and some friendly staff letting us know the road was closed and due to be closed for another 4 hours, unfortunately, because of an accident. We decided to cut our losses with Bay of Fires and started to make our way over to our next destination, Cradle Mountain. It was a good 4 hour drive so we made a stop in Davenport for dinner and slept nearby.

Day 3
Davenport to Cradle Mountain

Distance 80km - Driving Time 1 hour

We showered, had brekkie and then we continued our drive to Cradle Mountain, which was about another hour or so. We were pretty glad we saved this drive for the morning as the forest views were amazing.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse when we got to Cradle Mountain. So we decided to wait it out in the camper with a warm cup of tea and a good book. Once the majority of the rain and wind had passed we got the shuttle bus down to Dove Lake and made our way around. The gloomy weather and low clouds made the mountains look so beautiful.

We were told to walk clockwise around the Dove Lake track, but we spotted a little furry guy breaking the rules and walking towards us. The wombats are called ‘not so nocturnal’ by everyone at Cradle Mountain so you’re bound to spot a few on your hikes. It again was a pretty tame walk and took around 2 hours to complete the circuit. There were a few other tracks we wanted to do but were warned against as it had snowed the night before and could be quite slippery. We made our way back to the camper to decided to start the journey back down to Hobart. We stopped for dinner and a show (the sunset) and not long after decided to call it a night and complete the rest of the journey in the morning.

Day 4
Cradle mountain to Hobart

Distance 300km - Driving Time 4 hours


We were up bright and early to complete the rest of our drive down to Hobart.

Before we got there we found a campsite, to clean the van and organise the water etc. We wanted to get this done early so we could enjoy the last few hours we had in Tassie. Afterwards we drove up to Mount Wellington to take in the views. We couldn’t believe there was snow up there! It’s pretty high up and has the best look at Hobart from above. Back down the mountain we went and headed into the city to grab some late lunch at Daci & Daci, delicious pies and pastries, we definitely recommend! Then it was time to give back our amazing camper. We dropped our new bestie off at Hobart airport and thanked him for the memories and good times, before walking over to the terminal from the maui office to grab our flight back to Sydney.