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Maui motorhome winter view
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Best Winter Road Trip Activities


Have lunch in front of an open fire

There’s nothing like an open fire when the wind is chill and you feel glad to get inside. Discover a great country pub and order a big flavoured shiraz and plate of osso bucco. Mingle with the locals before heading off to find out what is around the next bend.

Hide away in a country antique/retro shop

For us, sifting through a country antique shop is one of the nicest possible things to do on a winter’s day. Inside you’ll find scratched Barry Manilow records, first edition novels, tons of sensational retro kitsch and under-priced treasures.

Picnic on a private beach

In winter, the beach seems to achieve a special beauty. Without people around you feel like the first ones there and there’s something very romantic about that. Dress warmly, bring a rug, walk, play, drink thermos coffee and huddle in the lee of a dune.

Enjoy the sensational taste of winter oysters

Because oysters spawn in summer they actually taste cleaner and even more wonderful in winter. Buy some straight out of the water, put them in the fridge and try them that night with a crisp chablis and a baguette from a local bakery.

Try a winter dip

No, seriously! Year round, the ocean temperature actually varies a lot less than the air temperature, so you might find the hardest bit is the run to your towel. Still, with your motorhome close by, you’ll feel incredibly warm as your microcirculation goes wild afterwards. Trust us, it’s addictive!

Think about print

Of course you are going to take photos but why not try to step it up and treat some like your own magazine spread and print them when you get home. Winter provides some dramatic backdrops. Work the angles and let nature do the rest. Embrace extremes. Look for the moment in soft fading light against a sculptured dune or a wild river, before you retreat to the comfort of your hotel on wheels.

Sleep in and have a lazy breakfast

We spend so much time rushing around that one of the nicest things is doing very little for a while. Wake up when you feel like it, pull back the curtains and enjoy the view while you have a coffee and cook up a big breakfast. Try eggs benedict with smoked salmon served café style with a hand-squeezed orange juice. Now tell us that isn’t living?

Throw a lunch or tea party with a view

Invite some old (or new) friends to lunch or afternoon tea, drive them to an amazing location and have a cook up. Reflect on the waves, gaze over the misty hills or relax close to the centre of town in a spot you could never buy – other than with us of course. Maybe cook in theme? For a beach, think fresh mussels with garlic, white wine and chorizo as the warm up.

These memories are what a maui trip is about.

What will yours be?