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Our top 10 Valentine's Day couples


1. The gorgeous Hildegunn and Samuel Taipale had to top our list with their nomadic lifestyle. This picture-perfect Norwegian couple have been travelling the globe together since they got married in 2014. Follow their journey at @hilvees and @eljackson.

2. Our favourite couples list would not be complete without Pete and Dalene Heck. They have even written a number of articles about their love story on their blog. "His love knows no bounds." Writes Dalene and after 12 years of marriage they still have an extra special sparkle, sure to make even the happiest of couples a little envious  @HeckticTravels

3. The Adamo family reside in the UK and have taken a yearlong break to take their four children around the world and educate them along the way. It's obvious Courtney and Michael and nurturing parents who adore their family (and it's easy to see why!). Check out their adventures at @courtneyadamo.

4. Australia's darling couple, Tim and Anna, met on The Bachelor Australia and have been madly in love ever since. Exploring Australia together, this perfect couple have made us all swoon from the day they first met. Follow their love story at @annaheinrich1 and @mrtimrobards.

5. You are no doubt familiar with #followmetraveller and @muradosmann's beautiful photography styling of his bride Nataly. On their wedding day Murad famously wrote: "#followmeto the wedding with my love @natalyosmann. I promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives".

6. The only thing we need to say about this couple is 'awwwww!' Nikki @delovelydetails and Drew @drew.delovelydetails are incredibly cute, with Nikki recently writing: "Everyone knows that one guy who is just too sweet, too kind, and too cute to be real. He is everyone's friend, he's always ready to help, and he has a smile that brings you to your knees. His heart is always open, he's full of empathy, and when he talks to you, he makes you feel like the center of the world. I still can't believe that I got to marry that guy."

7. Andrew has to get husband of the year, right? If this photo isn't enough to make your heart melt then how about this statement: "Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?" Andrew and Rhiannon celebrated Valentine's Day with a lovely new addition to their family as well! Follow @andrewbosse.

8. With a name like Jess Valentine, we couldn't resist this darling couple. This travelling couple are exploring the world together they describe 2015 as a life changing year as they lived the high-life conquering 13 countries and 40 cities. This couple captures our adventurous spirit and provides us with a decent injection of wanderlust. Follow @heyitsjessvalentine and @sparrystake.

9. The unique approach Steve and Chanel have taken with their @howfarfromhome has us dreaming of a life on the road. Celebrating birthdays together at amazing places like the world famous NOMA this amazing couple really are living the dream.

10. This list wouldn't be complete without Australian spokesman and lover of all things Australian, Chris Hemsworth and his beautiful wife Elsa Pataky. Sharing their love of all things Australia, their family and each other – their Instagram accounts provide us with a snapshot of their celebrity status. Follow @chrishemsworth and @elsapatakyconfidential.