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5 Apr 2019


Hints & Tips for Top Trips

If you're not having fun, you're probably not doing it right – although with a maui motorhome it's pretty hard to go wrong. Make the most of your experience by planning properly, packing right, and following these tips to enjoy a hassle-free camping experience in your maui motorhome.

4 Apr 2019


Why you should travel Australia by campervan

There are so many ways to travel, and so many places to see. Because we have limited timeframes for our holidays, it often means trying to squeeze in a lot of experiences - often multiple cities/towns, especially if you're travelling to a new country. All that packing and unpacking, waiting for transport connections - precious wasted holiday time. But there is a solution - the campervan. 

4 Mar 2019


Sustainable Tourism

Life on the road is not just about ticking the boxes. In this day and age, it's important to ensure you are responsible on holiday and are helping create an environment where sustainable tourism can thrive. Whether you’re on a short sojourn or an extended adventure, there’s more to motorhome and campervan touring than a checklist of top-rated sights from TripAdvisor.

12 Feb 2019


maui’s Top 10 Things To See & Do In Perth

With beautiful weather all year round, kilometres of beaches, a friendly, laid back vibe, and heaps of attractions within a stone's throw of the city, Perth is the ideal spot to enjoy a motorhome holiday.