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10 Wonderful Winter Road Trips To Take In Western Australia


Western Australia is one of the top winter destinations in Australia to escape the cooler temperatures. Boasting balmy and temperate weather, vibrant wildlife, blooming wildflowers and much more, a winter road trip in Western Australia offers a truly unique experience for every type of traveller.

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The biggest challenge? With so many beautiful road trip options and itineraries, it can be difficult deciding which route to take. To help, we have put together a list of our top ten winter road trips through WA. Detailing the best places to go, what to do and where to stay for each. Let’s dive in.

CableBeachBroome.jpgImage Source: Tourism Western Australia Image Gallery

Planning a winter campervan trip in Western Australia

Western Australia is huge! The landmass of the state is 2.626 million km². It’s the second-largest state in the world and roughly half the size of Europe. Safe to say, the climate in Western Australia will vary from one end of the state to the other.

In the south, the climate is akin to the Mediterranean, while the northern parts of the state enjoy a more tropical climate. This is something to consider when planning and packing for your winter escape. Ask yourself if you are chasing tropical summer weather or more temperate weather. Planning around the weather will help you decide where to go, as well as how to pack for your adventure.

If you are wondering what to pack for a Western Australia road trip in winter, we have you covered! These are our top travel tips for renting a van to travel to Western Australia in the winter:

  • Check what is included with your rental to avoid packing any unnecessary items
  • Pack a variety of essentials, including beach wear, sun protection, a rain jacket and a few light layers
  • Be aware of how to stay safe driving in winter, especially in outback areas
  • Download the thl Roadtrip app. This road trip itinerary planner is the perfect road trip companion to help you plan your trip. Using the integrated offline maps, you can mark caravan parks, dump points, attractions and more. All conveniently on your phone!

As for where to go, these are our favourite road trips around Western Australia.

1. Perth to Shark Bay

Leave the city lights of Perth behind you as you wind your way up the coast to Shark Bay. On the way, you will pass through the limestone formations of the Pinnacles and past the geological wonder of Kalbarri National Park. When you arrive in Shark Bay don’t miss the opportunity to witness the whale migrations and get up close with wild dolphins in Monkey Mia.

Distance: 1,869km

Recomended trip length: 6-10 days

Where to stop: Going up the coast you’ll see amazing views. Stop at Southern Beekeepers Nature Reserve (keep an eye out for the limestone caves).

What to do: Interact with wild dolphins at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience

Where to stay: You may need to split up the travel by staying a night in Dongara, otherwise, park up at Shark Bay Caravan Park once you arrive.

For more ideas on things to do, read our in-depth Perth to Shark Bay itinerary.

2. Perth to Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is all about adventure. Wander amongst the ancient rocky crevices, swim in crystal-clear gorges and admire the geological layers on show in this ancient landscape. Karijini is the perfect mix of desert and oasis. As it is not as hot during the winter months, so it is a lot more comfortable to visit.

With that in mind, it is not just about the destination, but the journey. From vibrant coastal wildlife to gold mines, there is plenty of adventure to be had on this Western Australia road trip.

Distance: 1,353km

Recomended trip length: 3-4 days

Where to stop: Stop in at Mount Magnet and visit the Mining and Pastoral Museum. You’ll pass a lot of gold mines on this journey, and this museum can provide a bit of background.

What to do: Take a hike or even swim in a waterfall pool in Karijini National Park.

Where to stay: You will need to allow at least a couple of nights to get there. A great option is to stay in Cue along the way. Once you arrive, park up at Dales Campground.

3. Perth to Exmouth


Winter in Exmouth is nothing short of paradise. The days are warm and sunny, begging for you to go snorkelling in the fringing reef or swimming with the gentle giant whale sharks. In the evenings, the temperatures drop so you can cosy up and relax by the fire toasting marshmallows. On your way north, you will wind your way through some of this coast’s most iconic attractions, including Natures Window; a spectacular lookout in Kalbarri, the vivid pink of Hutt Lagoon, the wildflowers in Geraldton and more.

Distance: 2,848km

Recomended trip length: 7 days

Where to stop: Stop in at Kalbarri and see the pelicans

What to do: Swim with humpback whales!

Where to stay: Haven Devon Cliffs Holiday Park

For more details, check out our in-depth Perth to Exmouth itinerary.

4. Perth to Jurien Bay

Starting in July, this coastline glows with the vibrant pinks, yellows and purples of wildflower season. As you wind your way north towards these wild treasures, you will pass some of Western Australia’s most iconic natural attractions, including Lancelin sand dunes and the pinnacles. When you arrive in Jurien Bay, book yourself a tour to go swimming with the sea lions. These ‘puppies of the sea’ are as cute as they are playful. Be sure to rent a wetsuit - the water may be a bit nippy!

Distance: 218km

Recomended trip length: 1 day

Where to stop: Slide down Lancelin Sand Dunes

What to do: Sea Spray Art and go swimming with sea lions

Where to stay: Jurien Bay Caravan Park

5. Perth to Hamelin Bay

Australia’s Southwest is a hub for summer lovers, with laidback beach towns to explore and a thriving culinary scene. This route winds past the Margaret River wineries, boutique stores and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences. Hamelin Bay is one such place - known for its abundance of curious stingrays that come close to shore to greet visitors.

Top tip: In winter there aren’t as many stingrays around at Hamelin Bay, so this is something to consider if you’re going there to see them!

Distance: 309km

Recomended trip length: 1 day

Where to stop: See all of the street art in Bunbury

What to do: Even in winter, there are a few stingrays around so keep an eye out. Otherwise, grab a fishing road and have a go at catching your dinner!

Where to stay: Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

6. Perth to Esperance

This Western Australia road trip traverses Australia’s Southwest and the Great Southern region. In this jam-packed corner of the state, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best experiences and attractions in Australia. Walk along the Southern Hemisphere’s longest jetty in Busselton, visit the surfing town of Margaret River, explore the forested town of Pemberton and see wallabies roaming on the beach in Lucky Bay.

Travel Tip: The weather is a little more variable during winter and you may expect a cloudy day here and there. The bonus? You will get to see these beautiful locations and enjoy these experiences without the summer crowds.

Distance: 697km

Recomended trip length: 3-4 days

Where to stop: Stop at Lake Grace and follow the Lake Grace Story Trail

What to do: Get up close with kangaroos at Lucky Bay

Where to stay: Esperance Bay Holiday Park

7. Perth to Kimberley

Step into one of the world’s last truly wild spaces with this Western Australia road trip to the Kimberley region. While many of the top attractions in Western Australia are found on the coast, this road trip takes you deep into the wild and arid beauty of the outback. Here you can go on a 4WD tour to see the Bungle Bungles, swim with 30,000 freshwater crocodiles (the safe kind) in Lake Argyle, see a giant baobab tree and lose yourself in the beauty of the many gorges and hikes tucked away in this region. In the winter, temperatures drop below 30°C making it much more comfortable to experience the great outdoors in this desert region.

Distance: 2,538km

Recomended trip length: 8-10 days

Where to stop: Stop at Port Hedland and keep an eye out for turtles at Cemetery Beach Park

What to do: Take a flight over the bizarre Bungle Bungles

Where to stay: You’ll need to break up the trip and stay at a few places along the way. Once you arrive though, stay at Kimberley Caravan Park.

8. Perth to The Pinnacles

Pinnacles.jpgImage Source: Tourism Western Australia Image Gallery

The Pinnacles make for the perfect day trip from the city. Just a few hours north of Perth, you will be immersed in this unique landscape. Explore the 17,000+ hectares of National park and walk amongst the natural limestone structures jutting from the sandy desert terrain. Once you have finished exploring, you can look up one of the many bush free-camping sites in the area using the thl Roadtrip app or head back to Perth.

Distance: 200km

Recomended trip length: 1 day

Where to stop: Take in the views at Lake Thetis

What to do: See the stunning limestone formations in Nambung National Park

9. Perth to Broome

This drive is for the adventurous and avid road tripper. Running from the most southern city to the most northern, it encompasses the beauty and diversity of this state. In the winter months, you can enjoy nice warm days and balmy nights as you watch the coastline come to life. From wildlife and wildflowers in the south to red dirt beaches in the north, this is easily one of the most stunning winter escapes in Australia.

Travel tip: Once you have finished you can return your campervan to Broome at the maui Broome branch to save the return journey!

Distance: 2,047km

Recomended trip length: 7-9 days

Where to stop: Stop in at Wubin and see the Heritage Wheatbin Museum

What to do: Go hunting for dinosaur footprints!

Where to stay: Broome Caravan Park

10. Perth to Katanning

Get off the beaten path with a road trip along the Wheatbelt path to Katanning. This little town is a rural cultural hotspot best known for its multicultural community and lively annual events. As many of the annual events run in the summer months, this is a nice, quiet time to explore this region. When in town, don’t miss a visit to Kodja Place, where you can learn about the stories and history of the Aboriginal cultures of this region.

Distance: 286km

Recomended trip length: 1 day

Where to stop: Stop in at Cohunu Koala Park just as you leave Perth

What to do: Visit the all-ages playground.

Where to stay: Katanning Caravan Park

Time to book your WA winter escape?

Western Australia in the winter offers a truly unique experience. There are plenty of wonderful winter road trips to explore the smorgasbord of natural attractions, wildlife and temperate weather in this beautifully diverse state.

Begin planning your escape and book your maui campervan online today. All that’s left to do is to pick up your campervan at the maui branch in Perth for an adventure of a lifetime.