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maui Price Match

​If you find the same maui campervan type for a lower price elsewhere (even up to 24 hours after you book), send the screenshot or quote to us for consideration on match@thlonline.com. Please include:
- A screenshot of the cheaper offer including the date the time visited, the cost of the cheaper campervan, your search criteria dates / times / number of passengers / destination etc.  Or
- If you have received a quote, please email through the entire quote.
- Your name, email address and contact phone number.
We will consider a price match if your request meets the following conditions on the comparable screenshot or quote:
- The campervan is identical to the maui campervan
- The dates of travel are the same
- The locations of pick up and drop off are the same
- The price is accurate and the currency of travel is in AUD

Please Note: Payments made by credit card will incur a surcharge of 2% for Visa & Mastercard or 2.8% for American Express.


  • Alternative quote will be for the same campervan type, dates, pick up drop off locations & terms
  • Alternative quote will be in Australian Dollars
  • The maui price match is valid for alternative quotes found within 24 hours of booking
  • maui will validate the quote prior to accepting the match
  • The maui price match will be valid on the initial quote only, and is non-negotiable beyond our initial offer
  • The maui price match is at the discretion of maui
  • maui reserves the right to withdraw this offer