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23 Jun 2021


Top Destinations to Visit this Autumn in Australia

Autumn in Australia falls between the months of March and May. It’s a great time to travel via motorhome and see some of Australia’s most beautiful destinations.

Autumn in Australia brings something for everyone. In South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales you’re treated to a true display of autumnal hues. For those looking for some warmth and endless summer should head to Northern Territory, coastal Queensland or wander out yonder to Western Australia. With School holidays and key public holidays falling over this time, it’s the perfect time to take a trip to one of the many beautiful destinations in Australia.

There are stunning places to visit in every part of the country, so we’ve put together a list of the top destinations to visit in Australia’s autumn by state.


15 Jun 2021


The Best Winter Destinations In Australia

The nicest thing about an Australian winter is that depending on where you go you can pretty well dial in the climate you want.

That might mean a red wine and a fire with snow falling outside in the mountains or a balmy 25-degree day on a North Queensland beach. Even at its coldest Australia doesn’t ever get close to a cold northern European winter and in most places, it's just pleasant and still sunny, if 10 degrees or so colder than summer. 

9 Jun 2021


Must-see attractions on the drive from Brisbane to Noosa

Driving from Brisbane up to the Sunshine Coast, up to Noosa and back again? You could do it in a day or two, but what kind of holiday is that? Take your time and explore these ten top jealousy-inducing picks and start planning the ultimate coastal campervan trip. Pick up and drop off your maui Motorhome in Brisbane to make it extra easy.