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Best Shopping Day Out / Markets - Eumundi Markets

Distance: 200km via M1, Approx driving time: 2hr 30 min

Tired from cheering on your country at the Games? Why not take a trip up to the Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast to balance out your karma and harmonise your chakras? Smell the delicious food, listen to the wind chimes, slip on your new alternative look, soak up all that good vegetarian food, and come home slightly buzzing.

Best Place For A Beer With A View - Scenic Rim Brewery

Distance: 120km via State Route 90, Approx driving time: 1hr 45min

Imagine a craft brewery and café in a beautiful misty mountain town and then drive there! The Scenic Rim brewery at Mt Alford sounds good and is. When you are eating a lovely lunch washed down with a quiet ale or two, home will seem a lifetime away. Try Oma’s special Dutch beef croquettes or grab your destiny with both hands and pad up for our personal Aussie favourite - a Chiko roll with avocado and chilli sauce.

Best Place In Town (that feels out of town) - Ipswich

Distance: 100km via M1, Approx driving time: 1hr 30min

Discover Ipswich, part of a time-honoured heritage region, and a place that has the feel of a charming old provincial town, yet is packed with surprising adventures. Such as a visit to The Workshops Railway Museum where you can make history come alive with hands-on exhibits, multi-media encounters and colourful stories coupled with huge steam locomotives and massive industrial machinery, great for the whole family. Or saunter around the shops like you are Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, randomly toying with objects and buying at will. Breathe that tiny bit easier and remind yourself that you’re on holiday! If food and coffee are on your agenda, there are so many options so feel free to explore.

Best Beach To Relax Without The Crowds - Caloundra

Distance: 175km via M1, Approx driving time: 2hr 15min

A great day of sun, surf and sand is always reminder of what a Queensland holiday is supposed to be about. So if you want to escape the Gold Coast beaches, we think you should have a close look at Caloundra. Caloundra marks the start of the Sunshine Coast. It’s a string of seven pristine beaches with not a shadow from a high rise in sight. Swimming and sunbaking always builds up a thirst, so you can toss your partner for the drive home and find solace (and something nice to eat) at the Moffat & Co boutique brewery.

Best Short Walk - Queen Mary Falls

Distance: 165km via State Route 90, Approx driving time: 2hr 30min

There’s nothing better than a simple picnic table in a beautiful setting. But if something in you wants MORE, strap in for this one, because Queen Mary Falls is just plain jaw-dropping awesome. The Spring Creek falls more than 40 metres to the valley floor and there’s a 2km walking circuit that takes you right down there to cool off in the fine spray mist and relax.

Best Historic Winery - Canungra

Distance: 35km via State Route 90, Approx driving time: 45min

To a previous generation Canungra was best known as the home of the Army’s Jungle Warfare Centre, a fabled step off point for the Vietnam War that tested bodies and minds. While the base still operates, you can now enjoy Canungra for gentler things. Apart from being drop-your-sandwich beautiful, the town has had new life breathed into it in recent years. Enjoy some great food, cruise some antiques and visit O’Reilly’s Canungra Vineyard or have a picnic lunch by Canungra Creek.

Best Entertain The Family Day - Australia Zoo

Distance: 155km via M1, Approx driving time: 2hr

If the kids are restless and you want a great day that will not only entertain them but also leave them thoroughly tired and malleable at the end, Australia Zoo is just the ticket. While this place has always had a high media profile as home of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, as well as Terri, Bindi and now Bob, you can’t help but be impressed with the vision and genuine love of animals that lies behind its development. Australia Zoo is in a lush tropical setting, there is a wide range of animals displayed in really appropriate ways and the big cats and the croc show are not to be missed.

So if you're heading to the Commonwealth Games this April, and feel in need of an escape or extension to your holiday, check out our latest motorhome deals on the maui website.