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27 May 2022


The Best Hot Springs to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to a collection of world-famous hot springs. Due to New Zealand’s position on a geothermal fault line, hot pools have popped up all over the country. Commonly found across the North Island, there are a few notable gems in the South too.

Because they contain many minerals with medicinal healing properties, spending some time in a hot spring is perfect for defrosting your winter chills. While travelling around New Zealand in a motorhome is fun, long days of driving can sometimes take it out of you, so why not add some indulgent rejuvenation to your itinerary with a few visits to New Zealand’s best hot springs. Make the most of your trip and tick off a few iconic hot springs from your bucket list.

From free geothermal hot pools, hidden gems, and spectacular paid resorts, you’re sure to find the perfect place to unwind with our list of the best hot springs in New Zealand.

26 May 2022


12 of the Best Road Trips to Take from Auckland

With a diverse landscape encompassing volcanoes, a stunning harbour, and plenty of green spaces to embrace the outdoors, Auckland offers an endless variety of places to explore. The region is made up of almost 4,000km of coastline with no shortage of world-class beaches where you can unwind and embrace the sunshine.

24 May 2022


Best Things to do in Taupō New Zealand

The scenic Lake Taupō is situated in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. As one of New Zealand’s top tourist destinations, it’s a great hub of culture and outdoor activities. Park up here for a few days and spend time experiencing all that this epic spot has to offer. From hot springs to waterfalls, lakes and great walks, Taupo is worth a visit year-round. Looking for some inspiration and the best things to do in Taupo? We’ve got you covered!

23 May 2022


10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit During Winter in New Zealand

Road trips through New Zealand are packed with beautiful scenery no matter the time of year. Although summer brings busy crowds of campervan travellers, there is an abundance of incredible things to do in New Zealand’s winter. Some of the most iconic driving routes are visited in winter because of their stunning scenery, cold weather, adventure sports, and world-class events.

If you’re planning to explore New Zealand in winter when the mountain tops are covered with a dusting of snow, the days are crisp and blue, and there’s adventure around every corner, check out the list we’ve put together of our top 10 places to visit.