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thl Roadtrip App and In Vehicle tablet


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What is the thl Roadtrip App?

It’s the essential roadtrippers travel companion and tool to help you explore New Zealand without the stress and hassle that can come with travelling in a new place or when running low on petrol!

How will the app help you plan your roadtrip? 

1. Find everything you need

The thl Roadtrip app displays your current GPS location then shows the nearest campsite and holiday parks, (free and paid), petrol station, free wifi, real-time road alerts, supermarkets, dump stations, public toilets, LPG filling stations, Electric Vehicle Roam charging stations, laundromats and in fact pretty much everything you need when you're on the road in New Zealand.

2. Watch vehicle help videos

The thl Roadtrip app includes a number of vehicle help videos - useful to watch to understand more about how to operate the fridge, how heating works, waste water and fresh water use and even how to use the LPG stove. These are very useful to familiarise yourself with as early in your journey as possible.

3. Find your way without a wifi or data connection

One of the best features of the thl Roadtrip app is, no matter where you are, the maps work offline, you don’t need a wifi connection to be able to use the maps when your out of range, you just need to save them first. Perfect for itinerary planning when your a bit more off the grid as New Zealand is big place with sometimes limited mobile reception areas.

4. Join the conversation with other travellers

If you like reading user tips and feedback about places to stay and things to do, then the thl Roadtrip app will be super helpful for you. As a user of the app you are able to leave your own feedback and read others comments and recommendations - very handy if you are trying to decide where to stay for the night and you want to know which campground is more preferred by fellow roadtrippers.

Available for download iPhones, iPads and Android phones here.

*We are part of a collaborative project called GeoZone which aims to make it easier to travel responsibly by sharing facility locations, so if you find something not on the app, or if you find a location that's no longer there, you can submit it through the app and contribute to this awesome project.

maui's In Vehicle tablet

Help at every turn

All our campervans are fitted with an in-vehicle TomTom GPS tablet to help you at every stage of your campervan holiday.  There are a number of different features, functions and information all designed to help you find your way around, discover what you're looking for and provide answers to questions you might have.

So what does it do?

  • Navigation – get you from A to B and everywhere in between
  • Suggest activities and experiences near you that you can book directly off the tablet
  • Safe Driving videos
  • Operational 'How to' & troubleshooting videos
  • Locate useful things like campgrounds, dump stations, petrol stations, LPG refill points via the Campermate app

Once at the branch for pick up, one of our Local Host crew will show you through your vehicle and explain a bit more about how the In-Vehicle tablet works.  It's a great addition to your overall holiday experience and we know you will find it useful!