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Waterproof jacket

An obvious choice for the colder seasons, but don't overlook this simple necessity. When you're in a winter wonderland, without an adept, waterproof jacket, you'll wish you went the extra mile for an award-winning jacket like the Marmot Essence.

Marmot's highly specialized, super lightweight jacket (with wind- and waterproof stretch fabric) will be the difference between braving the cold and feeling brave in the cold. Now go enjoy that wonderland.

Your favourite brew

Some would argue tea or coffee isn't a requirement, but for many of us, we can't join the land of the living without one of these. Personally, we're Turkish coffee addicts, but everyone has their own flavour or strand.

Besides, what's better than warming up in a beautiful land with your favourite cuppa swirling in one hand? 

Bottle of red

Of course, if you have a favourite, why not bring a few bottles for the cold nights? Perfect for warming up the extremities. Pairs well with dinner and, of course, a slowly setting sun.

And while you're on the road, why not discover more delicious wines by staying at one of our winery havens?

Super chunky blankets

Make sure you keep warm during the cold nights with a Super Chunky Blanket or two. Ukraine-based designer, Anna Mo, is the genius behind Ohio, an Etsy-store that creates stunning merino wool blankets that could keep out the coldest of weather.

Merino socks

Speaking of Merino, you can't go wrong with a pair of Merino Travel Socks from Kathmandu. These will help greatly when venturing outdoors, or even when seeing the sights from your hired campervan. We'd recommend any New Zealand-made Merino socks, but as long as your feet are happy on walking trails, or driving your motorhome, that makes us happy.

Your favourite book

Curling up with a good book inside your campervan is the perfect alternative to the outdoors for those rainy winter days. Imagine the rain on the roof, your favourite brew and a great book in front of you.  Is there any better rainy day treat? You'll be praying for rainy days to help you unwind after a busy day in the great outdoors!

Campfire necessities

When you're in the thick of winter in a place like the Northern Territory or New South Wales, there's nothing like a romantic campfire to help keep you warm. There are good campfires and then there are great ones.

Make the perfect campfire with something to start (lighter or matches), fire starters, gathered wood in a Tipi formation. Once it's set up, then the fun begins. Whip out the marshmallows, popcorn satchels and campfire nacho's, and make it a foodie's night to remember.

And hey, if you can't get the fire started, an iPad with a campfire simulator is a close second.

So when you're getting ready for your Great Australian Drive, make sure you stock up in style and remember these tips for a guaranteed memorable road trip.