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The Freedom of Motorhome Travel


Use up the extra space

Take charge and fill a room with travel inspiration! Upgrade your study to the biggest room in the house, fill it with inspiration boards on places you want to go and get pinning! The world is your oyster, so get inspired to explore it!

Stock the fridge with nice food

Remember the days when you'd stock up the fridge and two days later it'd be empty again? Now, you can fill it up with amazing food from your travels and rest assured the only person who'll be stealing it will be your other half!

Eat out

Grab a picnic hamper and fill it up, visit that Michelin star restaurant you've always wanted to go and try, read a book in the corner of your local café while they serve you a caramel spiced chai laté, or take to the road in a camper and call in at every tea-shop you can find!

Upgrade the family car

That boring people mover just isn't needed anymore.  You have a couple of options, trade it in for something impractical and fun, or swap it out for a campervan! Hit the road whenever you like, for however long you like!

Downsize your home

Who needs a 5 bedroom place in the burbs when you could be living it up with your home on wheels? Sell your house in the suburbs, buy (or rent) a campervan and downsize the family home to use as a base between roadtrips!

Sea change

They say a change is better than a rest, if you're selling the house – why not relocate entirely to somewhere quieter and more laid back. Perhaps you've always wanted to live with a view of the ocean, or perhaps your idea of heaven is more of a country retreat?


Give back to the community and use some of your free time helping where it's needed most. Lots of local communities are looking for people to help out. Keep your eyes peeled in the local paper or community notice boards. If going by camper, see where the wind takes you and leave a trail of happy communities behind you.


As much as you hate to admit it, the kids are independent and don't need you quite so much these days. This means you have the freedom to explore the world. Go discover a part of Australia intimately as only a campervan allows you to do. Stop where you want, go where you want and do it as long as you want.