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A day in the life motorhoming


The outdoor active type

Up at 7am. It rained lightly over night, but was clear by the time I hit the beach.

Nice solid four foot sets. Bit rusty. Only a couple of younger blokes out there and no one dropping in which was a nice change from home.

Got back to the motorhome and Suze was doing her yoga. She’s been encouraging me to have a go, but hunger beckoned and as the nominated chef for the day I have responsibilities. Popped some of last night’s crumbed whiting into the pan and we had it on toast. Delicious!

Cleaned up, then left the coast heading inland for the river. Stopped at a little roadside store and bought some mushrooms and some amazing fig jam on way to the kayak hire point up river.  

We had been told the kayak trip was good and it sure was! We were on the water for about two hours.  Got close to some sheer sandstone walls plus open sections and luckily not too much wind, just a cooling breeze. Pulled up on a bend to eat our rolls and sun was glorious. It’s a great core work out, but looking at some of the more experienced people our technique could be better.

By about 3pm we were back in the motorhome. Had a quick shower and decided to wander back to the coast a different way. Nice to have everything you need just there and the same bed every night.

View coming back down through the hills to the coast was amazing. Stopped in a local retro shop and found an old “Tracks” magazine. Which one you ask? Only May 1975 that’s what! Complete with the first Captain Goodvibes!

Couldn’t believe it. That’s going straight to the poolroom!

Just got inside a little local butchers shop just as they were about to close. Fading painted sign but the meat looked awesome. All locally sourced from the hills and they hang their beef for up to two weeks! Bought a couple of sensational looking porterhouses for the freezer and some lamb chops.

About 6pm we had a quiet drink watching the spectacle of a storm rolling in from the west. Cooked our porterhouses in a garlic red wine reduction with some creamy mash and brocollini.

By the time we had eaten the storm was upon us but it felt great to be in our own little world.  After dinner read in bed. Suze is reading “A Year in Provence” again. Maybe there is a message in that.  Felt tired but absolutely contented. Like we could just keep doing this.

The relaxer type

Woke up at about 8 o’ clock to the birds outside. That’s the only background noise here and the only smell in the morning is the smell of the wattle, which moves to a hint of Eucalyptus as the sun warms the trees. Quite surreal.

Morning routine leisurely as usual. It’s so nice to have a home on wheels and to plan as much or as little as we feel like. Clean air makes coffee smell even better!

After breakfast of our famous (at least amongst our kids and friends famous) homemade muesli and some stewed local peaches we headed up to old Surveyors Road to the plateau.

We stopped at a little second hand shop and incredibly, found a set of two old plates with cup and saucer marked Victorian Railways for my china collection! You would never find that back in town. Rohan bought two large steel pulley blocks in good condition for $45.  Keeps saying he wants to display them in the house but we both know they will end up in his shed.

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful old down on the river pub. “The Black Duck” it was called. If you weren’t watching you could have easily driven past it. After lunch we walked up to an old mining battery, which took about 30 minutes both ways.

Down through the valley we pulled over at one of the Italian style wineries the valley is renowned for. Got talking to the lady at the counter who turned out to be the owner. She and her husband Dom are two years into their tree change from accountancy to running a winery. Believe it or not her mother came from a village right near my parents in Sicily! Anyway, we ended up having dinner with them. Started out with their Prosecco with our anti pasto. Talk about knowing how to live!

Pulled the motorhome into the winery car park, so our bed and our home was right there, waiting for us. How nice is that? We love the way we can make it up as we go!

Mix of active and relaxer types

Got up at 6.30am! Both feeling so well rested, its ridiculous! Instead of dragging ourselves off to work we were up at “sparrows” and walked up to the top of the big dune.

Totally out of breath. Half way up we were laughing saying “Why did we do this?” but the photo’s were worth it! Posted them on Facebook just to show the kids we’ve still got it!

Walked into the centre of town to get the paper, then feeling like we had done our exercise for the day, settled in to a lazy breakfast. Eggs with smoked salmon on ciabatta bread, in our private restaurant with a view like no other. It doesn’t get better than that!

Actually fell back to sleep and then got going about 11am. So nice not having to pack up like you do in a motel. Just secure the crockery and drive.

We love our history so had booked a trip on the 1870’s switchback railroad up to the old mine.

Got to the station by 2.00pm and the railway was spectacular. How did they build that with pick and shovel?

We met a couple Dean and Annie, who turned out to be from our area and are staying down on the coast like us, but one town up. We swapped numbers and will definitely catch up back home.

Of course Mike found gold in the gold panning and would not stop reminding me. I was praying it did not have to be him!

Home via birds of prey show. Ever had an eagle land on your head? Looks better than it feels let me tell you! I prefer mine without the claws!

Lovely camping ground right near the river. Brought some fresh trout from the local fisherman’s coop and roasted it stuffed with herbs – sensational. 

Faint sounds of the river and wind to go to sleep to so will sign off.


Wondering why we didn’t do this earlier?