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A Campervan Is Your Apartment On Wheels


There are so many ways to travel, and so many places to see. Because we have limited timeframes for our holidays, it often means trying to squeeze in a lot of experiences - often multiple cities/towns, especially if you're travelling to a new country. All that packing and unpacking, waiting for transport connections - precious wasted holiday time. But there is a solution - the campervan. 

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Imagine the beauty of an apartment, but every day a different view. One you get to choose on a daily basis - that’s exactly the experience you'll get with a campervan. And with Australia's diverse topography, you won't have to travel far to find your happy place, whether that be overlooking a beach sipping a wine, or admiring the mountains waiting for sunset.  

With a campervan, you have the freedom to make the rules. Pick a point on a map, a place you've seen in a National Geographic magazine maybe, or something that has popped up on your social media feed - somewhere that looks unbelievably spectacular. Set your in vehicle sat-nav, and go! No planning out transport times, linking up buses and trains, or sitting with other travellers in a coach. The beauty is in the simplicity. 

Upon arrival, there's no hunting around trying to find your apartment, or following the cryptic instructions to locate that hidden key. No - in your campervan, you'll park up, turn out of your seat and have all your amenities and comforts in the back of your vehicle. Pour a wine, relax and enjoy. 

And when you're ready to leave and move to the next idyllic spot, forget the pack up and clean you'll have with an Airbnb. In your camper, you'll just have to make sure you put the coffee mugs back in the draw before you begin the drive to the next little slice of heaven.